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Maintaining your landscaping in extreme heat

With the extreme heat warning in affect for the beginning of the week here in Calgary, we only thought it was appropriate to share some tips and tricks to maintaining your beautiful landscaping on those extremely hot days.

1. Water!!!

To no ones surprise, water is going to be a key component to maintaining beautiful landscaping throughout the hot and dry summer days. But what is the best time to water your plants..? We suggest in the morning or at nighttime (or both), this way the leaves will not burn from the water sitting on top of it during peak sunlight hours.

2. Mulch goes a long way

Foothills bark mulch is the standard mulch that we use in the majority of landscape quoting and construction. Although it is often used for an aesthetic appeal, it acts as an insulation for plant materials to keep the roots at a stable temperature throughout the significant weather changes we experience in South Alberta (extreme heat, chinooks, hail, wind, rain, etc). It also helps the soil stay moist which in return keeps plants hydrated for longer periods of time.

3. Keep an eye out

The most important advice during intense heat waves is keep your eye opened for large changes to your landscaping. The more established plants like your trees, shrubs, and perennials will not be very effected and definitely does not need to be intensely watered everyday.

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