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What shrubs are the best for my yard?

In this article, We are going to be discussing the different types of planting materials that are best suited for your landscaping!

For those unfamiliar with plant materials, you may find yourself saying, "Nothing will grow here!" I am hear to explain the different types of shrubs that are well suited for ANY location in your yard in the Z3 area (which is Calgary and surrounding area)!

1. Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Caragana Planting

Plants that grow best in drier environments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not all of them look like they are from the desert! This shrub here is a Caragana with a beautiful green foliage. Other shrubs good for a dry area are:

- Buffaloberry

- Russian Olive

- Sea Buckthorn

- Siberian Salt Bush

- Sumac


2. Shade Tolerant Shrubs

Hydrangea Planting

Plants that do well in shading areas - whether that is from your fence, house, or other trees - come in a diverse foliage and texture. The image on thew right is a Hydrangea, but other shade tolerant shrubs are:

- Azalea

- Cedar / Arborvitae

- Cotoneaster

- Dogwood

- Dwarf Norway Spruce

- False Spirea

- Rhododendron

- Snowberry

- Yew


3. Plants for Acidic Soil (pH < 7)

For all of you that have a beautiful pine tree... that just keeps killing your plants, here are a list of plants that do well in areas of acidic soil. In the image to the right we have an Azalea but here are a list of others that are great suited for these tricky areas:

- Rhododendron

- Blueberry

- Cedar/Arborvitae

- Pine

- Yew


4. Plants Suitable for Wet Soil

Lastly, for all of those backyards that have marshy spots that can potentially be a breeding ground for mosquito's here are some plant suggestions that will do well in this area:

- Birch

- Cranberry

- Dogwood

- False Spirea (image)

- White Spruce

- Willlow

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