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Budgeting your landscaping project

1. Before you talk to a landscaping company about prices, it is important to understand expenses associated with these types of projects. A great ball park price to consider is the value of your home. The minimum price of a professionally landscaped yard is approximately 10-15% of your houses current value.

2. During the designing and negotiating stage, it is important to note that costs can change significantly when discussing different types of materials. Don't worry, if you have your heart set on a great paving stone that isn't in your budget for this season, phasing your project is a great option. Phasing allows prices to be divided up over time. For example, you could complete hardscapes such as patios and pathways one season and the following season complete your deck construction and planting.

3. After your project is completed, you can expect your houses resale value to increase by as much as 12% of the landscaping costs, while also speeding up the sales as much as six weeks.



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