Crescent Road Promenade

The construction of the pathways on the top of Crescent Heights Hill started at SAIT and continued until Center Street. Prior to our construction of the pathway system, there was a gravel pathway that existed in parts along the top of the hill in poor condition. These pathways started and ended at random do to the native trees along the hillside. People in the area using these pathways had change to the other side of the road once the pathways stopped or just continue walking/biking/jogging on the road. After our construction of the Crescent Road Promenade there was a consist pathway alongside Crescent Road, as well as numerous pathways leading down the ridge into the downtown and Memorial Drive area. We also constructed staircases leading down which are very popular for people doing boot camps and exercises.

The City of Calgary’s main goal with this project was to make the area more safe and user friendly bringing people from all around the city to this area. Resulting in the reconstruction of these pathways have become very popular to a large group of Calgarians who enjoy physical activity such as biking, walking, jogging, and boot camp participants. Strolling by the Crescent Road Promenade on the weekend establishes a community feel for the people occupying this space.

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