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Commercial Plaza

The transformation of the Commercial Plaza was an extremely elaborate project testing many different skill sets of our team. The owners came to us in hopes of lightening up his commercial building which holds a variety of businesses. The exterior appearance including landscaping needed a renovation in order to help this building blend with the newly renovated ones surrounding. During this project we had a great opportunity to display our true authentic talent. We proposed resurfacing the lower part of the building and creating a plaza because this would bring a significant increase of value into his property while diversifying the businesses that could rent out spaces such as a small café or bakery.


Next the bottom half of red stucco was removed and replaced with grey masonry stone creating a modern look, standing out among the other businesses nearby. The resurfacing of the building tremendously brought the beauty to the already tasteful colour pallet making the red stucco pop on the upper half of the outdoor walls.

The construction of the new concrete patio with an inset of linear concrete pavers in front of the doorway leading from the corner of the property which made it much more accessible for clients compared to the old design. We also extended the concrete pad to the end of the property where we install custom furniture such as benches and a bistro table set as well as a custom gazebo. These features invite people to enjoy the space we have created through all seasons. The stainless steels lights that were custom designed for this building contribute to the space making it feel modern and inviting.

The little amount of planting materials is due to the modern, clean, and sleek look the owner desired. Instead we agreed on the idea of having annual flower planters, placed along the sides of the concrete patio. This allows for the business owners to give pride in the newly renovated building and show their own creativity.

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