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Year Round Landscaping is a full service landscape design and construction firm based in Calgary, Alberta.  We are a privately owned and locally operated company built on the experience and excellence of our staff and management.  Since 1988 we have specialized in project management, design and construction, and providing our clients with support through all stages of the design and construction process.

Our goal is complete professional project for all of our clients in a timely and efficient manner.  Our staff work together at all levels, from management to designers to crew, to ensure our clients receive the service and outcome they deserve and have come to expect. 


We are excited to announce we have recently won The National Award of Excellence in Commercial Landscape Construction for the EEEEL Building at the University of Calgary.


Environmental Landscape-Energy, Environment, Experimental Learning Building, University Drive

 The design of the building was created in hopes of becoming “LEED Platinum” certified.   To date the EEEL Building has been featured in Construction Canada Magazine and received numerous awards of excellence in design, architecture and construction such as the Prairie Design Award.

A building on this level requires landscaping to the same magnitude and excellence.  The landscape plan was created by O2 Planning with the goal to create a design that expressed a formal sense of arrival to the campus by blending a prairie campus parkland with a more formal, urban and contemporary feel.   “On an architectural scale, the north and south major entryways to the building are demarcated by masonry landscape features inspired by regional glacial landforms, further exemplifying the notion of “science on display.”…[I]in order to help meet the University’s mandate of sustainable design, surface storm water is directed to bioswales and absorbed by infiltration beds, while low maintenance native trees, grasses and shrubs reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. To promote pedestrian mobility on Campus, a wide, elevated crosswalk extends across the major entry plaza across Campus Drive to create a strong pedestrian connection with the ICT building.”

 We had the opportunity to be a part of creating a legacy and a monumental building in the city.  The architects and designers involved with the project have expressed their appreciation in our help making a vision a reality. 





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